September 29, 2007


The Knitted Preemie Cap from Project Sunshine's Project Knit is easy, quick (it only takes an hour!) and oh so cute . . . Happy Knitting!

YARN Valley Yarns Longmeadow 60% cotton/40% microfiber 117 yards
NEEDLES (circular needle method) US 4 and US 5 12" circular needles
GUAGE 6 stitches equals 1 inch using US 5 needles in stockinette
FINISHED SIZE 8" circumference 4" tall

Using size US 4 circular needles, cast on 48 stitches. Knit one row. Then, place marker and knit in the round. Knit 5 rows. Change to US 5 circular needles and continue until hat (unrolled) measures 3” inches.

Begin decrease . . .
ROW 1 *K6, k2tog. Rep from * 5 times, 42 sts remain
ROW 3 *K5, k2tog. Re from * 5 times, 36 sts remain
ROW 5 *K4, k2tog. Rep from * 5 times, 30 sts remain
ROW 7 *K3, k2tog. Rep from * 5 times, 24 sts remain
ROW 9 *K2, k2tog. Rep from * 5 imes, 18 sts remain
ROW 11 *K1, k2tog. Rep from * 5 times, 12 sts remain
ROW 13 *K2tog. Rep from * 5 times, 6 sts remain

Begin i-cord . . . Knit 5 rows, pushing stitches to other side of needle after each row.

Break yarn and leaving about 8–10 inches for sewing, thread through remaining stitches. Pull to close i-cord and sew back seam. Weave in ends. Done!

PATTERN USE All patterns on In the Loop blog for charitable crafting only. Knitting or crocheting any item for resale is prohibited.

NOTE We recommend the circular needle method, but if dpn's are your preferred method, you can download the complete pattern from the Project Sunshine website. We will provide color copies of this and other project patterns at all Socials events.

AUTHOR NOTE Gauge is not so important, as preemie heads come in many sizes. However, if you knit very tight, it's better to knit with the next needle size up. The roll brim is good because it is adjustable. If you are worried about the roll moving too much (or not rolling at all), tack it into place in the back with a simple whip stitch when weaving in your cast-on end (Anne-Marie Brule).

GLOSSARY dpn=double pointed needles K=knit P=purl k2tog=knit two together rep=repeat sts=stitches RS=right side WS=wrong side

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