November 17, 2007


We began our season with designs from the Project Sunshine and Christmas-at-Sea websites. These included the pretty crocheted and knitted preemie cap patterns by Anne-Marie Brule (see our September 29 post) and the knitted mariners caps.

Our talented group of crafters from In The Loop soon became busy creating caps in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors, even including a crocheted man's cap see November 11 post).

Here is a sampling of the beautiful work done over the last few weeks.

Preemie caps made in various colors
following Anne-Marie Brule's pattern.

Angela was busy since our last meeting
making these various shapes and sizes.

Here's a small sampling of Vita's handiwork
with two color knitting.

Whimsical caps with strawberry and cherry toppings.

More crochet preemie caps of various designs.

Mariner's hats in a variety of colors.

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