April 18, 2009


We had an amazing event on Friday, new faces, new challenges! 

We still have 20 crochet kits and about 5 knit kits. Can we challenge knitters to learn the crochet pattern? 

Remember to bring your remnants back to the next event. These fragments will be used to make second multi-colored hats.

We will add a note about the tools you need to bring to the Brown Bag Social events in every e-blast.

We are all now working on the chemo hat projects, so please do not bring last season's scarves to the Brown Bag events for more help.

Knitters, you're casting on for largest size because we're making hats for adults this season. On the first hat, skip the striping. 

Knitters who borrowed the 16" circular needles, please purchase your tools and return the needles at the next event. See link to the left to Jimmy Bean Wool for discounted tools.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting! See you on May 15!

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