June 9, 2011

A note from Ina

Hello everybody,

How are your baby toys coming along? We would like to know how you’re faring with your projects. With the summer heat upon us, perhaps knitting or crocheting are coming along slower than you thought?

We need to know how much progress you have made and whether you have materials left over. Both knit patterns should provide enough yarn for two (2) projects; if you have completed one, please make sure to return any unused yarn to our meeting next Friday, June 17th.

We have plenty of crochet Bunny Binkie Blanket kits remaining which we would like to put to best use as well as your leftover yarn from the knitting projects. (There are no extra knitting kits remaining.)

We would love to hear from you if you have materials left over. Please be in touch to return finished projects and unused materials in time for our June 17th meeting.


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