February 23, 2012

Pattern Note for Crocheted Market Bag

Hello to all!

The week has flown by and I promised Ashley some notes for you to make the final outcome of our projects a success.

• We had a number of finished projects returned last week and ran into a common problem on the crochet market tote! Not enough yarn!
• What will we do? Wiggle the pattern a bit and make it work with what we have! Please use good judgement to see how far the first skein gets you. You might have to shorten the number of rounds before the handles or even rework the handles. I'd say get through about a third of the second skein and plan on working the handles. How to know that amount ... a little kitchen scale can help ... there was actually a nice lesson on that matter on the knitter's review this week ... www.knittersreview.com! Always packed with good information worth reading up on.
• We want to be able to make the tote with the amount of yarn we have. If in doubt feel free to bring it in for review next time.
• The felted mitten potholders are worked with a single strand! We will felt all those pieces together at the end if you would rather not attempt that yourself. It is fun though and you will see that felting covers a multitude of little irregularities and is most forgiving!
• And yes, for the crochet potholders you are NOT supposed to have a gazillion little ends to put away ... work with the tails from both ends of the skein.
• If I forgot anything ... please feel free to contact me via email (tantesophie@me.com) or call me 201.910.0027 ... I will gladly help from afar.
• In the meantime ... be well ... do good work ... and keep in touch.

Kindest regards, Ina

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