June 26, 2012

July and August Activities

The dog days of summer are upon us, so we will be taking advantage of the cool interior of the World Financial Center to do our upcoming on-site projects.

Join us in July to sew in labels to all of the incredible projects we have created thus far in 2012 - almost TWO HUNDRED different projects to donate to the deserving families who have moved into their new homes in Ocean Hill - Brownsville, Brooklyn!

You should also continue to work on your afghan projects. The knitting project kits have all been taken, but we have a number of crocheting kits remaining for those of you who are speedy crocheters and still want to take something home to work on before our August 17th meeting.

As a reminder, ALL afghan kits are DUE at the beginning of our August 17th meeting, when we will sew up the pieces into complete blankets as part of our presentation to the Habitat for Humanity families.

Remember: if you are stuck, please contact Ina at 201.910.0027 or via e-mail. The only successful project is a completed project!

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